Eff With This Recipe Friday

17 Dec

Ok, I’m edgy people.. but not edgy enough to use the F-word in a post title.
Today I unleash my new blog column (column?) Eff With This Recipe Friday!

Traditionally, a website or TV show will give you a recipe.
Well, those recipes are sort of set in stone. If you want to add nuts or black olives or anchovies (if that’s what your weird self is into) you do so at your own risk. Such actions might add too much moisture, increase the cooking time, whatever.
Well not here.
You may have wondered why the title of this post sounds a bit like a command.
Well, it is.
Here, we will start with a basic, kick ass recipe… and modify the hell out of it.
So here goes: The first ever, Eff With This Recipe Friday.

Enchilada Casserole

First, I take the carrot cake out of the casserole dish and wash it. (The dish, not the carrot cake)
After that is done and over with, I coat the bottom of the dish with oil. I’m not certain this is needed, but it seemed like a good idea because the next step is to break a handful of corn tortillas into quarters and lay them down, covering the bottom of the pan.
Meanwhile, cook some white rice and smash it down on top of the tortillas. I made 1 cup of rice, and that almost wasn’t enough for my 9″ by 11″ but I almost feel like 1 1/2 cups would have been too much. Just eyeball it, and if you have leftover rice, feed it to the dog or make rice pudding or something.
The next layer should be the beans. I lucked out and had to borrow beans from my neighbor. They turned out to be these really awesomely made black beans with a real bacon-y flavor. But regular black beans from a can or some refried beans would also be fine. I’m not telling you to go out and make a beautiful pot of “from-scratch” black beans for this casserole.


Again, smash the beans down with your spatula, make some room for more layers, you’re going to need them.
In a pan, I mixed chicken, bell pepper strips and canned green enchilada sauce and simmered it a bit. I had 2 12oz cans of chicken (I like the canned chicken for this, it shreds better) and a 28oz can of green enchilada sauce.
Now DON’T use the entire can of sauce here! You still need it! I used about half. Again eyeball it. It should be the consistency of a thick stew.
(And yes, eventually I will learn how to make homemade enchilada sauce… get off my butt about it. Unless you have a really good enchilada sauce recipe, then email me.)
Pour the chicken/sauce/bell pepper mixture over the beans and even it out.
Then take another handful of corn tortillas, quarter them and lay them down over the chicken layer. I made a rather pleasing basket design with mine, but it didn’t matter. You couldn’t see it after the next couple steps.
I poured the rest of the can of enchilada sauce over the tortillas. Go for even distribution.
And then the cheese. Oh Lordy. The cheese.

cheese is good

I used a healthy double man-handful. But cheese is sort of a personal preference. All I’m saying is when the cheese toasts up, it looks like the angels from heaven and the demons from hell had sex on top of your casserole… in a good way.
Now, everything in this is already cooked. You just need to heat the inside back up and brown the cheese on the top.
High heat for a short time always gets me… so lets crank that puppy up to 450 degrees and then go check our email. By the time we get back it should be done.

Now wait.
This isn’t your momma’s recipe post.
This is “Eff With This Recipe Friday.”
So lets eff with this recipe.

Idea #1
How did I eff with this casserole last night? Well, I cut and de-seeded some chipotle peppers in adobe sauce. I mixed the peppers in with the chicken slurry.
And… get this one… it MADE this casserole, but it’s not for the faint of heart. (Or the easy of heartburn) I waited for the cheese to get kind of a crust on top. I took my basting brush and painted the top of the cheese in this super hot adobe sauce, then stuck it under the broiler.
O. M. G. Utter genius, and frickin’ delicious. But we like hot stuff, and it was hot.
If you choose not to do this, remember, the beans and rice at the bottom are sort of plain. Maybe add a couple of chicken boullion cubes to the rice while you are cooking it? That’s only one of many ideas.

Idea #2
This is a really soft casserole. Other than the cheese’s toasty crust, there’s not much texture difference. My hubs and I brainstormed this and both figured that crisping up corn tortillas for the tortilla layers and maybe even adding another tortilla layer between the beans and the chicken… well, it might be too hard to eat. (and I imagine the other, softer layers might squish out while you eat)
But…but… maybe replacing the corn tortillas with flour and crisping them up like flouta shells might be marvelous. Light, crispy… mmmm.

Idea #3
Any other Southwestern style add-in could work perfectly. I personally would add (corn, black olives, different kinds of peppers…etc) to the chicken slurry layer. But that’s not set in stone either. See the beauty of effing with recipes??

Now it’s your turn.
Tell me what you would do to eff with this recipe! Make it your own! Make it crazy, make it gourmet, make it with shrimp and goat cheese… I don’t give a flying crap. Just TELL me here in these comments what you would do!!

(endcap: I purposefully don’t show the step by step of making these recipes. You really don’t want to see the mess I make of my kitchen while doing this stuff. Plus, I find that sort of obnoxious. No offense to Ree Drummond, but I know what slicing candied cherries looks like… I don’t need it super-close-up-in-HD.)

3 Responses to “Eff With This Recipe Friday”

  1. tulpen December 18, 2010 at 4:37 pm #

    I’m a SUPER picky eater. So. The only way I’m effing with that recipe is by only eating the effing cheese.

    • justmom420zaks December 18, 2010 at 8:28 pm #

      I think if I could get away with eating the cheese off the top of any casserole, I would.
      I’d serve my family casseroles sans the crispy cheese top.
      This is it, folks… my payment for spending the last hour sweating in the kitchen is the crispy cheese off the top of this.

  2. liz December 18, 2010 at 9:43 pm #

    i mess with recipes, too. my M.O. is to make it per instructions the first time and then modify after that.

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